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Spend less time writing API calls and more time building experiences.

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service use cases

Endless use cases is a GraphQL API that exposes data from the Hedera network utilizing the expressiveness of GraphQL.

Developers ask for exactly what they need, often in one network call, unlocking insights and actions not possible through other means.


Using, developers can easily get and / or subscribe to NFT holder data, events from Hedera Consensus Service, aggregate data about NFT sales, and much more!

NFT Services

From NFT Launchpads to NFT Staking platforms, empowers developers to create diverse and unique experiences.


De-Fi applications can easily obtain network information to execute anything from fungible token airdrops to LP creation.


Utilizing Hedera Consensus Service and, any metaverse can easily scale using a cost-effective, carbon-negative, secure method of event logging.

why choose us


Anything that can be built on Hedera can be improved with

Developers who use it can leverage the high-throughput, low fees, and transaction speed of the Hedera public ledger and the expressiveness and efficiency of GraphQL style access.

Complex Aggregate Data
Real-Time Subscriptions
Fast Response Times
Highly Scallable Service
Brady Gentile
Swirlds Labs

"blazing fast and decentralized" offers incredible visibility into the health and activity of web3 ecosystems on the Hedera network. Its implementation is blazing fast and decentralized as it utilizes graphQL for complex queries of on-chain data in real time.

Manu Cabrera

"speed, simplicity and great support"

Using has been one of the easiest decisions we've had to make at Kabila App. We immediately saw the value of their service:  speed, simplicity and great support. Thanks to them we've saved dozens  of hours on writing API Calls and testing. For us, speed is key and that is what Hgraph offers. If you are setting up a project in Hedera, you should arrange a call with them asap!

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Open beta is now live. You can sign up for our services and start building today!